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Tuesday, 14 July 2009 @ 04:42

1. Do enjoy talking to younger guys or older?

younger---------- go to question 2

older ---------- go to question 3

2. Are you the type that even gets drunk off of coke?

Every single time...---------- go to question 6

No ---------- go to question 7

3. Do you have a lot of black, dark grey or dark color clothing? (lol, typical jj question)

pretty much---------- go to question 7

my color selection is more spread out than that ---------- go to question 4

4. Did others give you nicknames when you were younger?

all the friggin time---------- go to question 5

not really ---------- go to question 8

5. I've had Thai, Vietnamese / other South East Asian food (food? ah. must be a changmin question)

yes---------- go to question 9

no ---------- go to question 8

6. You think traveling alone is pretty boring

yes---------- go to question 11

no, it's a good chance to meet new friends ---------- go to question 10

7. Would you accept a reunion with your previous classmates?

I don't really want to see them ---------- go to question 13

I'd go if I want to see someone in particular ---------- go to question 12

8. Often forgets things aka memory loss??

totally ---------- go to question 12

no I got good memories ---------- go to question 11

9. You care about your hairstyle a lot?

nah ---------- go to question 13

very much so ---------- go to question 14

10. Do you talk fast when speaking to others?

most of the time ---------- go to question 19

not really ---------- go to question 15

11. If you were in charge of organizing parties (with the money), will there be any left over money?

probably ---------- go to question 15

eh... not likely ---------- go to question 16

12. Are you shorter than average height?

yes ---------- go to question 11

no ---------- go to question 17

13. Do you hold up the peace sign whenever you take pictures?

Yes, just like heechul does ---------- go to question 18

Nah uh. I try different poses! ---------- go to question 16

14. Do you typically walk slower when you're walking with friends?

I'd tell them to hurry up ---------- go to question 18

no I don't like to walk slow ---------- go to question 17

15. Do you talk a long time on the phone?

yes ---------- go to question 20

not really ---------- go to question 16

16. You don't clean often, desk is messy?

I clean ---------- go to question 21

not really ---------- go to question 19

17. Do you think you're prettier than others around you?

I'm pretty ---------- go to question 22

this is an insulting question.... ---------- go to question 21

18. When you give advise/help when others ask you to teach them something?

I can't really teach ---------- go to question 23

I'd love to ---------- go to question 22

19. Are you usually the center of attention?

no.. I'm still trying to learn how to do that ---------- Type A

yes, easily ---------- Type B

20. You have trouble sleeping when you're in a new enviroment?

no. i'd be snoring within 30 minutes ---------- Type A

no, i'd probably be up after 2 hrs still---------- Type B

21. you're bothered by the fact that you don't have a sense of humor

no, I'm funny ---------- Type C

uh humor.. think you're all that b/c you're funny? ---------- Type D

22. are you loud?

yep, loudest one in the classroom ---------- Type D

quiet like a mouse ---------- Type E

23. it's hard to guess your age?

yes ---------- Type E

no, you can totally tell by just looking at my face---------- go to question 22

Type A

You are very intelligent, because of that, others around you tend to trust you a lot. However, you do things at your preference, so sometimes you give off this arrogant vibe, it makes your friends uncomfortable sometimes. You're leader Yunho's ideal woman, realistic, intelligent and very confident. that's the type of girl that Yunho likes.

Type B

You have this happy, mellow personality. Your adorable personality makes everyone simply adore you. You're cutie Junsu's ideal girl. But your jokster nature often leaves a not-so-great first impression, but your bright smile makes up for that. and that's the reason why a lot of people like you, including Junsu~

Type C

You give off this serious and a little stuck up vibe, therefore, people who are meeting you for the first time tend you think you're hard to get to know, but deep down. you're one of the most sensitive, caring person. you just don't express it on your face, well not that you know how to. You're JaeJoong's dream woman, your mysterious nature is the biggest attraction that pulls him in.

Type D

You have a bright, relaxed personality, your "livelyness" is your biggest card, you make others comfortable, you make them happy. You're the girl that YooChun would love to date. Also your nature of always striving to do better totally makes you his type.

Type E

You're a happy go-getter, you rarely hold grudges, one of the biggest reason why people like you, because of this personality trait, you tend to make a lot of friends. You're DBSK maknae Changmin's ray of sunshine. He's the one that will understand you when no one else will and he will stand up for you no matter what.

Credit from: aqcayrin@multiply

FYI, I got Jaejoong..

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